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Picture of SinusesI’ve become well acquainted with Sinusitis because it’s another of the many diseases the medical profession can treat, but can not seem to cure. So how can you get help?

I’ve had chronic sinusitis for years. I am currently investigating dietary changes that eliminate fugus organisms from the body. Changes to strengthen the immune system. It’s all very hard because of my chronic neck problems – herniations and degenerative disc disease. As I recover (if I recover) I’ll post the results of my dietary experiences. It’s tough to batter one chronic condition let along two.

What is Sinus Disease by Dr. Grossan

Please see source notes at the end of this article. Dr. Grossan is Board Certified in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

Sinus problems are most on the minds of my patients these days. No wonder! In Los Angeles we have smog and pollution which adds to symptoms when a person has allergies too!

Today we know that most sinus disease is caused when the cilia – the very tiny “hairs” in the nose and chest stop beating. These wonderful machines act like oars, moving 16 strokes each second to propel bacteria, dirt, and cancer causing poisons out of the nose and chest, before they have a chance to enter the body. Many cancers form where there are few cilia, emphasizing their importance. The treatment of choice for sinus disease is to have the body return the cilia to their normal function, beating 16 times per second.

Know what the BEST treatment is for early morning sneezing? If you start sneezing on awakening, it is because the nose is trying to get rid of the particles that accumulated there at night. If the nasal cilia are working properly, they beat at 16 beats a second and get rid of these particles and then you don’t need the sneezing. The best treatment in breakfast in bed! You see, by drinking hot tea before you get out of bed, the body gets warmed up, the cilia speed up and the sneezing, hacking is avoided.

In the nose and chest are millions of tiny “oars” or cilia. They act in coordination to move out the dust and bacteria from the nose to the back of the throat where it can be swallowed and disposed of in the stomach. In the chest, the cilia beat to move the germs and dust out of the chest, up the windpipe to the throat where it is swallowed. When this system works you don’t get sinus disease. When the system fails in the chest you get a cough, the cough takes over to get rid of the dirt and germs in the bronchial passages.

Protection from infection is achieved by the presence of lysozymes, immunoglobulins and phagocytes in the mucus solution. Movement of the bacteria by mucus flow reduces opportunity for penetration of the cell. Dilution of bacterial products makes them less toxic. Mast cells and globulins are carried in the mucous layer. If the cilia don’t move the blanket, then the cells and defense can’t be delivered where they are needed.

Thus, the mucociliary defense system consists of cells that transport mucous and cells that secrete mucous. Both are essential to health.

Remarkably, the ciliary movement is coordinated so that an effective wave propels the mucus in a specific direction.

Sinus cilia beat toward the natural sinus opening. Nasal cilia beat backward . Nasal mucus propels into the nasopharynx and is swallowed for disposal into the stomach. In the child this course directs the mucus with its bacteria, debris and foreign matter over the adenoids where lymphocytic defenses can act. The deep crypts and rugae of the adenoids create a larger surface area for greater effect in order to defend the body

With a virus infection, the cilia are slowed down by the virus chemicals. This allows bacteria that normally would be swept away by the cilia to enter the body. Therefore, anything you can do to encourage good cilia movement is helpful. Hot chicken soup works! Hot tea is good. Compresses to the sinus/nasal area helps. Enhanced Nasal/Saline Moisturizers, formulas based on the Locke-Ringer’s formula, have been shown to aid cilia better than regular saline. (See article by Boek.) It has an advantage over saline in that there are no preservatives such as benzalkonium and the mixture is buffered to avoid any burning sensation. The refillable spray bottle it comes with can be used for spray, drops or to irrigate or wash. Without the burning, this solution can be used regularly by kids.

When you feel a sinus infection coming on, rest, hot soup and tea, hot compresses applied to the sinus area: above the eyes for the frontal sinuses, between the eyes for the ethmoid sinuses, and below the eyes for the maxillary sinuses.

If this is not effective, pulsatile nasa/sinus irrigation can be used to restore nasal cilia, remove nasal pus, and thin the secretions. With a proper pulsatile irrigatin device, the irrigation pressure is adjusted to just the right value of 5 PSI – the water stream is about an inch high. The saline, or better yet, enhanced moisturizing solutinon, goes in one side of the nose and out the other. This is a natural way of healing the sinus condition. Even children as young as 5 years find this a pleasant treatment.

Some people get symptoms after exposure to downtown smog or dust at work. I advise them to use this irrigator much like washing the hands to remove dirt. By irrigating in this manner, the nose doesn’t have to do the work. I find it especially useful for Firefighters to use after the smoke of a fire.

Cilia are generally activated by increasing temperature up to 40 C, so hot compresses over the sinus area are beneficial. However above 40 C cilia are inactivated and hence the deleterious effects of hot steam nasal inhalation. Long term dry steam inhalation, (sauna), is suspected of being harmful.

For people with serious sinus disease, pulsatile irigation has proven extremely useful . For example, patients with Cystic Fibrosis have very poor ciliary action and so develop serious sinus disease. The pulsating saline irrigator can remove the pus and act like a normal cilia.

A good medication for nasal congestion is Sudafed Long Acting, 120 milligrams every 12 hours.

For more information on Sinus disease please visit Dr. Grossan’s website where this information was sourced. If you are in the Los Angeles Area his contact information is:

Board Certified: American Board Of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers
8631 W Third St. Suite 440 East
Los Angeles, Ca. 90048
Phone (310) 659-1006 Fax (310) 652-9906

Dr. Grossan’s site is a fabulous resource. As a Chronic Sinusitis sufferer I am trying everything I can to break the cycle and get my sinusis functioning like there used too. I’ve tried the Nasal Steroids and the Anti-histimines. These are stop-gaps to treat symptoms not cure the problem. I have other health problems which lend me to believe that they are intertwined with my sinuses and once the sinus problems are cured like a domino effect my overall health will improve. Definitely check out Dr. Grossan’s Nasal Irrigation device. It’s like a Waterpik for the nose (Waterpik actually makes a Nasal Irrigation Device – I know I bought it!). It’s the best way to rinse out your sinus cavities. I’ve tried nasal sprays and drops and they only moisten my nose but they don’t rinse everything out. The Waterpik attachment actually works very well with prepackaged Saline Packets.

Acute vs. Chronic Sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis lasts less than 6 months, Chronic Sinusitis is inflammation of the Sinus Cavities (as few as one as many as all four sets) for more than 6 months.

What Causes Sinusitis and How Do You Get Rid of it?

Genetics and exposure to a Viral, Bacterial, or Fungal disease that your immune system can not fight off causing the Sinuses to become inf lammed.

What is the difference between Bacterial, Viral, and Fungal Sinusitis

Bacteria respond to anti-biotics, and viruses do not. Bacteria look like cells under a microscope while viruses look like crystals with many surface edges. That’s simplistic but if you have had the chance to look at them under an electronic scanning microscope (Most universities have these, and I was a Zoology Major so I had the opportunity to look at these types of diseases) you can clearly see the differences. Fungus are organisms that are nucleated, achlorophyllous, typically reproduce sexually and asexually by spores, and whose somatic structure is composed of filamentous branched or yeast, which are surrounded by cells walls composed of chitin.

How is Sinusitis Treated

Usually Sinusitis is treated with anti-biotics and rest and then the hope that your own body will fix the problem. If the Sinusitis is not caused by bacterial infection the anti-biotics are useless, but many ENT’s don’t take time to culture and just prescribe away!

Unfortunately surgery usually isn’t very effective. And CT Scans are the “Gold Standard” as an analysis tool and subject you to large doses of ionizing radiation (Usually a bad idea). Supposedly you can fix the problem with a very specific diet that starves the fungus from the foods it needs to survive, while still providing your own body and immune system the nutrients it needs to flourish disease free.

Often the treatments the Doctors will prescribe simply do not work! Try Dr. Grossan’s device, improve your diet, and hope for the best! I wish I knew a better answer.

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