Smoking Stop Smoking for Your Overall Health Not Just Cancer Prevention

Cigarette SmokerHumans have been smoking for hundreds if not thousands of years, for many reasons. But now is the time to Stop Smoking and save your Health. This is not a lecture on why smoking is bad for you. I know many good people who smoke. I hear all kinds of reasons: “I like doing it”, “I don’t care if I die young”, “The years it takes off your life are at the end of your life”, “I’m addicted, I’ve tried and I can’t stop smoking”. The list goes on and on.

Logic would dictate that inhaling thousands of different chemicals into your body can not possibly provide health benefits. Most people don’t realize there is RADIATION in cigarette smoke. This can be as deadly as any of the chemicals you are inhaling. You’ve no doubt heard about the same chemicals used in cigarettes as in rat poison, so you don’t need a lecture. You simply need to realize that you are damaging your health if you smoke. It’s just that simple. Some peoples immune systems can handle the added burden, and some can’t. You are playing Russian Roulette with each cigarette. Everyone doesn’t die from smoking, but everyone does suffer some kind of negative health effect.

Smoking and Lung Cancer

I found this research – and I’ll be brief and only highlight the summary, but you should take careful note of what it says.

FACT: Only 10% of ALL Cigarette Smokers EVER develop Lung Cancer! (Keep reading for source shown below). Wow that sounds like an endorsement to smoke doesn’t it? Seems like pretty good odds? Only a 1 in 10 chance of getting lung cancer! Whoo hoo! Guess what? Lung cancer may not be the most disastrous effect smoking has on your health!

Smoking contributes to numerous diseases – some even more insidious than cancer. Try emphysema – being alive, and awake, but not able to get enough oxygen into your muscles to function. You literally suffocate to death! Try Degenerative Disc Disease (This is where the “shock absorbers” in your spine go flat) and bone spurs can develop, nerves can become pinched – sending unbelievable pains down your arms and legs, you can even lose control of your bladder. DDD is NOT reversible. Smoking attacks the whole body not just the lungs.

Smokers with low levels of the enzyme OGG1 were five to 10 times more likely to develop lung cancer than smokers with the highest levels, the team at Israel’s Weizmann Institute found. The enzyme called OGG1 or 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase 1. The enzyme fixes damage done to DNA by smoking and other environmental stresses and is one of a large group of repair compounds in the body. Up to 90 percent of all lung cancer patients are smokers, but only 10 percent of heavy smokers develop lung cancer.

Source: Israel’s Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Being a Quitter is Not Always a Bad Thing!

Do you need a reason to stop smoking? You need more than your own Health? Try visiting the local Cancer Hospital. Go online and look at pictures of people suffering the disease (No we will not post them here because it makes us sick to our stomach to watch people suffer, we want to help people become well).

Think of your children, your friends, your family, your future. Is it worth it to keep smoking? Smoking cessation may not be easy we understand this, but it’s not impossible, millions of people do it!

Don’t expect the Government to help. They fine Phillip Morris (And the whole industry) forcing them to run commercials about how to quit smoking, then they turn around and subsidize tobacco farmers. They will always have excuses and lies and tell you it will be devastating to farmers. Well at some point in life you have to take a stand. And the best way to do that is for each and every smoker to just quit smoking. If there are no smokers then there are no demands for the crop. It’s a simple solution to a dangerous habit. Please take control of your own personal health and stop smoking. Once you quit please read and heed the nutritional advice areas here at Health Synergy Rx, and get your health back. You may never be 100% again (Depending on your own genetics, how long and how much you smoked), but you can get better. And that’s better than getting worse.


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