SuperFoodsRX by Dr. Steven Pratt

SuperFoodsRX Health Book Review: I first learned of this book while channel surfing a year or two back and seeing Dr. Pratt on Oprah Winfrey. Oprah knows how to get topics that are of value and not just Human Interest Hype. I love the lady, I think she’s awesome, and the most sincere mega wealthy person on the planet. From humble beginnings to super stardom and still hasn’t lost her sense of compassion. Anyways back to Dr. Pratt’s book. Dr. Pratt is Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor) practicing in Southern California. He has a keen interest in Nutrition. I loved this book when I first read it, but I have curbed my enthusiasm somewhat since continuing my nutritional research.

Dr. Pratt’s 14 Superfoods include Soy (Which in my opinion should not be consumed) – I won’t get into my reasons but they have to do with Big corporate dollars and the advertising machine. Soy has many many downsides which you can research yourself online. Another of his Superfoods is Yogurt, which is a dairy derivative (although it can be made from other types of milk and soy). Dairy has so many potential health risks – again I’ll let you do your own research. Salmon is listed as a SuperFood, but those of you adverse to Mercury would be well advised to avoid fish, especially farmed fish fed food pellets.

Overall the book is good reading and he lays out a convincing case for his choice of foods (which coincidently or not are showing up in government literature to some extent). Chicken or egg who borrowed from whom? Who cares, doesn’t matter. It’s a good read and can form a solid basis for some of the foods you should be including in your everyday diet.

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