Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks – Peripheral Nerves consist of two systems: sensory-somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. All of the spinal nerves are “mixed”; that is, they contain both sensory and motor neurons. All our conscious awareness of the external environment and all our motor activity to cope with it operate through the sensory-somatic division of the PNS.

Only your Physician will be able to determine if this will benefit you should read about it and bring it to their attention. Many doctors want to believe their patients are uneducated morons, others will listen intently if you give them the opportunity. Physicians are busy people and often overlook the possible causes of pain in that they get so narrowly focused in their own little specialties. You may need a referral to a specialist to diagnose a cause or condition that would be best treated with a Nerve Block.

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