Super Antioxidant CoQ10 – aka Coenzyme Q10

Found in every cell Coenzyme Q10 essential for energy production. Cellular Enzymes and coenzymes break down protein, fat, and sugar you eat to produce energy. Caution: If you are taking any cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor it’s essential that you monitor your Coenzyme Q10 production as these drugs interrupt the production of CoQ10. Elevated cholesterol […]

Coenzyme Q10 Super Antioxidant and Energy Superstar

Coenzyme Q10 is used by cells to produce energy needed for cell growth and maintenance. This enzyme occurs naturally in our bodies and is at peak production around age 20. By age 40 production has slowed considerably, and by age 70 our bodies are producing roughly 50% of what we could use. Coenzyme Q10 plays […]