Dental Health: Are Your Teeth and Gums Robbing Your Health?

Dental disease is at the root of many health care problems that are located outside the mouth. The Dental Profession is the only health profession that allows dead tissue to remain in the body (root canals) and continues to use known toxins (Mercury) in the materials placed in your mouth! While European countries and others […]

Dental Safety- What the American Dental Association “Approves” may be Destorying Your Health!

There are a host of disease states that can be traced to Dental materials or Dental work gone bad. A split tooth may go undetected allowing a growth of toxic bacteria. There are some Dentists who believe a root canal simply can not be performed in a safe manner and will not do this procedure. […]

Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment by Andrew Hall Cutler PhD PE

This is neither light reading nor is it general in scope. This is a very specific text of information for those who have Amalgam fillings (For those of you who don’t know Amalgam is the Silver material used to fill teeth where cavities are drilled out). Amalgam is about half mercury, and mercury is a […]