A minimally invasive procedure for Disc Herniation involving radio wave therapy delivered via a needle to dissolve the disc herniation reducing pressure on the disc and the irritated nerves. Learn more about the use of Nucleoplasty for Spinal Surgery.  Sorry Nucleoplasty is no longer a working website.

LASE Endoscopic Discectomy

LASE Endoscopic Discectomy – A Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS) procedure involving a Laser. While generally done in the Lower Back this can also be done on the Cervical Spine (If you can find a trained Physician). True Arthroscopic therapy for patients. LASE uses the Ho:YAG laser, surgical instruments and irrigation to facilitate nerve root […]

Percutaneous Discectomy – Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Percutaneous Discectomy for a herniated disc is NOT the same as ACDF which is an “Open” procedure requiring an incision through the front of the neck. Percutaneous means (Through the skin), and is done by using tubes of varying diameter (think small drinking straw). First a needle is placed under Fluoroscopy to the precise location, […]