Natural Products – Supplements Denial and Big Pharma

From Dr. Murray’s Natural Living Conspiracy, bias, or just plain stupidity? Part II. Introduction In a previous newsletter, I broached the subject that there appears to be something “fishy” about the portrayal of natural products in the major medical journals. I questioned whether the major medical journals are truly presenting accurate information and pointed out […]

Bobs Red Mill Organics | Quinoa Oatmeal Gluten Free

Bobs Red Mill Natural Foods company makes over 400 products catering to the upscale health foods marketplace.  While you will typically find Bobs Red Mill products in Health Food Stores you may also find them in some Walmart locations.  That’s an interesting marketing model for sure – low end to high end.  But what does […]

Diet Soda Pop and Your Health – Stroke Risk

Drinking diet soda is associated with a 50-percent increase in stroke risk, according to a study presented earlier this month at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, reaction to the news among dieters has been disparaging and defensive, as each person cycles through the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief, […]

Plastic Container Safety – Understanding Plastic Labeling Numbers

Determining which plastic containers are “safe” for use in food service. Of 115 published animal studies, 81 percent found significant effects from even low-level exposure to BPA. While none of the 11 industry-funded studies found significant effects, over 90 percent of government-funded studies did so. – Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Types of Plastics […]

Is Your Brand of Fish Oil Really Safe?

An American Fork-based nutritional supplements maker is among eight companies targeted by a California environmental group over their alleged failure to warn consumers that 10 of their fish oil supplements contain toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and birth defects. Twinlab Corp., which has 320 workers in American Fork, was accused in a lawsuit filed […]

Putting Reality into the Bottled Water Debate

AP IMPACT: School Drinking Water Contains Toxins This story released by the Associated Press on Friday Sept. 25, 2009 Can you trust the Government to provide you with clean, safe, drinking water? CUTLER, Calif. – Over the last decade, the drinking water at thousands of schools across the country has been found to contain unsafe […]

MSG & Weight Gain

The Surprising Ingredient Causing Weight Gain By Margaret Furtado, M.S., R.D. Say it isn’t so! A recent study out of the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill cites what animal studies have hinted at for years: MSG (aka monosodium glutamate) could be a factor in weight gain. The study focused on 750 Chinese men and […]

Almonds Help People with Type 2 Diabetes Maintain a Healthy Heart – 5th Edition

  Researchers from Taipei Medical University and Tufts University collaborated on new research presented at EB that examined the effects of almonds on risk factors for cardiovascular disease among 20 Chinese type 2 diabetic patients with mildly hyperlipidemia and treated with oral hypoglycemics. Researchers measured body fat, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, oxidative stress, blood sugar, […]

Dr. Weil on “Worst Diet”

Organic Foods

How to Eat to Live Longer

Six Top Tips To Live Longer Through Diet By Stephanie Breakstone, Prevention More and more research suggests that what we eat is linked to how long we live. “The Biggest Loser” nutritionist Cheryl Forberg, R.D., sets eating guidelines to help contestants get healthy. “What works best for weight loss helps slow the aging process as […]

Campbell’s Brand “Select Harvest Soup” is a Fraud!

Campbells wants you to believe their “Select Harvest” soups do not contain MSG.  But it’s a total Fraud.  They contain “Yeast Extract” which contains MSG. Read the tiny print on their website: * Except for the small amount naturally occurring in yeast extract. MSG is MSG.  Naturally occurring or not, MSG is potentially very dangerous. […]