Using Ultrasound instead of Fluoroscopy for Guided Injections

As a person who has already had multiple Fluoroscopic procedures (Continuous X-Ray) and numerous CT Scans I am very concerned with additional exposure to radiation… as I should be.  The incidence of Cancer as a result of Medical X-Ray exposure varies, but can be as high as 1 in 2,000 depending on exposure.  Now the […]

5 Painful Facts You Need to Know

By Robert Roy Britt, LiveScience Managing Editor 5 Painful Facts You Need to Know First off, let’s set the record straight: Pain is normal. About 75 million U.S. residents endure chronic or recurrent pain. Migraines plague 25 million of us. One in six suffer arthritis. The global pain industry peddles more than $50 billion […]

A Doctor that Specializes in Pain Management is a Physiatrist!

A Physiatrist (Pain Management Doctor) is the specialist to help you with non-surgical “conservative” treatments to reduce pain. These Doctors use many injection therapies and do no “cure” pain, they only treat it. Do not confuse Physiatrist with a Psychiatrist or Psychologist who treat mental disorders – not pain.