The Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr. Sandra Cabot MD

Liver Cleansing Health Book Review: Now here is a diet that makes sense to me. I am not overweight if anything I struggle at times to maintain a certain weight. It’s basically because I have eliminated transfats, dairy, artificial sweeteners, refined sugars and flours. It’s really pretty hard to stack on weight if you are eating a diet of “REAL” or “NATURAL” foods.

I love this book for this reason – It makes sense. The immune system takes care of you, the liver takes care of the immune system, and the food you eat takes care of the liver. Thus Healthy Liver = Healthy YOU! Does that make sense to you? Most people never even think about their liver! They think of “burning fat” but they don’t know what that means. They think of “counting calories” – but counting calories is not a nutritional approach to anything. A calorie is simply a unit of measure. Which is healthier 250 calories from refined white sugar or 250 calories from a salad of tossed greens? See the logic in counting calories? There is none. The latest trend of course is counting carbs? Why? Do you know the exact ratio of carbs to fats to proteins at which you body type will operate optimally? Neither do I! So you may be counting carbs and actually causing more harm than good. What kind of diet is that?

Dr. Cabot’s book is about CLEANING THE LIVER, let me say that again CLEANING THE LIVER. Now you see why it makes sense. Clean your liver and let you body take care of itself. The “Diet” isn’t about losing weight (but it will certainly do that for those of you who are overweight and eating the “wrong” foods) it’s about HEALTH. A clean, healthy, functioning liver will take care of you. And the only real way to get your liver it’s healthiest is by feeding it the foods it needs to do it’s job. READ THIS BOOK AND FIND OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO BE EATING. It’s easy, understandable reading. It took me about 3 hours. You may need to go buy a coffee grinder or a food processor, but it’s worth it. How many of you would spend 3 hours of your time and less than $20 for a book that can dramatically improve your health and extend your life? I think most of you. Of all the books I’ve read on Nutrition I’ve found this to be most beneficial.

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