Spinal Traction

Traction is a gentle consistent pressure that is applied to “Pull” the spine segments apart gently reducing pressure on the discs and adjacent materials. Traction can be performed manually by a trained medical professional or through the use of a traction device or machine.

I have used both an over the door ratcheting system (Neck Pro) and a Pronex inflatable system (Much Preferred). Unfortunately little relief in my case. I’ve read how this has helped many; however those with fused vertebrae should not attempt this modality as it can weaken or pull apart the fusion site.

My recommendation for anyone considering traction is to purchase an “Inversion Table” which I write about in a separate post Titled “Inversion Therapy”. Inversion is a very gentle method of traction that involves the entire spine. You simply lie on a table and invert (Tip upside down) a few degrees at a time. You do NOT have to hang completely upside down to enjoy benefits. In fact many people feel tremendous benefits from inverting only a few degrees.

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