Vitamin Safety

How do you know that the 1,000mg Vitamin C Tablet you just took really is 1,000 mg of Vitamin C? And how do you know it’s not contaminated with other ingredients (even potential poisons) that could cause you more harm than good?

You have probably noticed on some packages things like “This product packaged in a facility that processes peanuts, walnuts, etc.” or similar. They do this because cross contamination is possible. They use the same machinery and it doesn’t get sterilized before it’s next use. They go from walnuts to peanuts to ? These warnings are there for a reason.

I’ve heard a rumor that Chinese Vitamin C is to be avoided, why I don’t know, perhaps it’s due to contamination issues, or the laws and practices in China being less stringent than other countries. But how do you know the source of the Vitamin C in the bottle you purchase? The Bottle may even be a company in your home town, but contain ingredients manufactured in an undisclosed country. There is no law that makes a Vitamin Company disclose the source of the ingredients.

Vitamins are NOT Regulated by the FDA

Vitamins are not regulated by the FDA, which is good and bad. Good because most of the Vitamin Companies wouldn’t have the funding necessary to complete regulation requirements. If Vitamins were regulated they would be much more expensive and much less available. Bad because you are on your own to “Trust” who is selling a good product and who is not. If you are going to take Vitamins you owe it to yourself to stick with companies that have an established reputation and disclose in writing the contents, manufacturing locations, and processes.

This brief post is not intended to encourage or discourage you from using vitamins. It’s simply to open your mind up a little bit, to get you to consider “why” you are taking a supplement and then to find the best possible information about that supplement, and try to find the purest from of the supplement. Then be careful, listen to your body.

Don’t expect vitamins to cure your health problems. Treat them as any other medical solution – a possible tool on the road to recovery – WHEN USED PROPERLY IN THE CORRECT AMOUNT, TAKEN AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME, FOR THE APPROPRIATE LENGTH OF TIME. Participate in a Healthful lifestyle including Organic Foods, Stress Reduction, Exercise, Spiritual Practice and do it in the most natural way as possible. Eat the best most wholesome variety of organic foods you can, then consider supplements a one spoke in the Wheel of your overall health.

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